For those who prefer not to walk to the Okemo Lodge, the Clocktower Chalet is located on Route 4 of the Shuttle, which operates for FREE on weekends and holidays from 12/26 through the last weekend in March.

Flag the shuttle down from the driveway and ride it from the base lodge right back to the driveway. 



FROM HOUSE: If you are standing at the end of the driveway and wave to the bus, it will stop. It goes by the house at approximately:

  • 7:48 AM
  • 8:48 AM
  • 9:48 AM
  • 10:48 AM
  • 11:48 AM 
  • 12:48 PM
  • 2:48 PM
  • 3:48 PM
  • 4:48 PM
  • 5:48 PM


FROM LODGE: The shuttle leaves from the same circle where it drops off.  You are looking for the bus that says "Route #4.” Let the shuttle driver know you will be getting off at (tell him the property number). You may have to holler at the driver when it is time for you to get off. The shuttle leaves the Okemo's base (Clocktower) lodge at approximately:

  • 7:33 AM
  • 8:33 AM
  • 9:33 AM
  • 10:33 AM
  • 11:33 AM
  • 12:33 PM
  • 2:33 PM
  • 3:33 PM
  • 4:33 PM
  • 5:33 PM


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